Custom Hand Painted
About the finished pieces I’m always scouring thrift shops and garage sales for unique pieces to paint, but I also offer new glass for your gift order. If you do choose used items, keep in mind that not only are you giving to a charity but you're helping to keep the world green. All of my pieces are meticulously hand painted to order. Painted glassware is heat treated for durability, I recommend gentle hand washing with non- abrasive cleaners to keep your pieces sparkling. Non-glass surfaces are sealed for protection. About the artist I got my first job as an illustrator and graphic designer at the age of seventeen. After receiving two art scholarships, I studied fine arts & design in Illinois and San Francisco. My entire career has revolved around fine and commercial art, from running my own design and illustration business to selling commissioned watercolor portraits, designing websites and corporate logos... you name it. When I’m not watching scary movies or playing Hawaiian music, you’ll find me painting something in my Montreal studio.
Meet the artist: Brenda Dee Cook
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Glassware & Ukuleles
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